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Hi, we are Spot

A location agency 

working with the film and photo industry

Contact Us:

Barcelona, Spain

Our services include:

A multilingual team guiding you in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Providing the best references to help you win your project.

Scouting locations with great photos and drone shots when needed.

Managing every kind of permit and contract you might need, so you can shoot carefree.

Experienced location managers who will help with logistics and local know-how.

Drone Scouting

Drone Scouting

Permits & Contracts

Permits & Contracts

Scouting & References

Scouting & References

Location Management

Location Management

We are based in Barcelona and offer you locations all over Spain

We cover interiors, nature scenes, urban locations, roads and much more.

Let us know what you need.

Our website is only a small taste of what we have to offer.

Find the best spot for your production:

We help producers find the right location in terms of budget and logistics and are with you from the beginning to the end of the production.

With over a decade of experience and success in the film and photo industries, we understand your needs.

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